Monday, April 30, 2007

Motorola MD400 phone problems

A few years ago, my wife and I purchased a set of wireless phones for our landline at home. They were the motorola MD400 series phones. At first everything was perfect, the phones had excellent reception and sound quality. No problem with batteries. Just Perfect.


Sadly, that didn't last very long. Over time and one-by-one all the phones developed a weird problem. The uppermost keys became difficult to activate. We had to press down long and hard to enter a "1", for example. Eventually we reached the end our patience with this and decided to do something. A google search yielded a nice discussion on on how Motorola had recognized this as a problem and was providing problem-free replacement units free of charge. I called Motorola customer service and told them that 3 of 4 phones were having this problem. They sent 3 replacements and we were very happy.

... until 1 year later when the 4th phone started to have this problem! Unfortunately, this time the exchange program was no longer offered by Motorola. Again, google yielded an answer from some a nice person on

The choice was to either give up on the 4th phone, or follow the instructions to repair the problem. What I've done below is to outline the steps I took to clean the handset keypad contacts. It follows Kamoske's steps from his amazon posting to the letter. Maybe if anyone else has the same problem they can find some help from these directions.

So here's what I did:

  1. Open battery compartment, remove battery. Also remove belt clip on back of phone. You might have to pry it a little.

  2. Pop off the access panel on upper back of phone. This panel merely hides two screws.IMG_3164IMG_3162

  3. Unscrew all visible screws, Separate front and back of phone. You might have to wiggle the pieces relative to each other. The rubber strips on the sides are held in place with dovetail grooves.IMG_3157

  4. The phone should come apart in three sections.IMG_3147

  5. At this point, get some cotton swabs and alcohol. Dip a swab in the alcohol and rub down the contacts on the keypad and little black pads underneath each button on the rubber membrane.

  6. Let it dry and re-assemble. Your phone should now work properly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Angelo! I have had a Motorola MD400 system in my office (quite happily) now for seven years, and and for the last year have been experiencing the exact same problems with one of my extensions. I just performed the procedure you described, and now it is much better. Thanks for posting this! The instructions and pictures were perfect!

17 October, 2011 12:50  
Blogger Plaid Rabbit said...

I just found my MD400 in a closet after a move, and after plugging it in was having this very same problem. I really appreciate the walkthrough, and because of that, was able to salvage the set and didn't have to buy a new phone! Thanks so much!

05 December, 2011 19:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband did this and it worked for awhile but now we are having the same problem again!

24 December, 2011 00:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have this phone and have not had any problems,until now. My wireless handset, says out of range, I can not get it to sync up to the mother ship!!! I have bought a new battery and tried to read through the manuals but nothig works. Can you help me, I really do not want to buy a new phone. Thanks, LJ

05 October, 2012 19:50  
Blogger angelo trivelli said...

Unfortunately, I can't answer your question. Haven't used these phones in a long time but it sounds like you need to re-associate the headsets with the base. Good luck.

07 October, 2012 18:12  

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